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Originally Posted by gsweave View Post
If there wasn't much hotel space who would be solid out??? It matters to me, that you won't camp.

Cause I am thinkin maybe OHV parks.

I did the GS Giant Summit at Byrds Adventure Park in AR. great location, just no Hotel/Motel space.

let me know...
This was tried in Kentucky. You were there, weren't you? Attendance was down, which is what happens when there are no hotels. Even though there were also cabins for rent the accommodations were generally not well received.

Can I camp? Absolutely, just as I will be doing in the Utah and Arizona deserts in early October. Do I want to camp? Fuck no The Moab trip is a Jeep trip, so I'm not so worried about it because the Jeep is comfortable enough. But after a long day on a bike my aching bones want a bed to sleep in.

Regardless, do whatever you guys want to do, have it wherever - though I'm kind of surprised people want to go back to Galeton yet again (part of the fun is discovering new places). If Candi and I can make it, we will. If not, we won't.
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