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Originally Posted by STARSKEY View Post
Next on the Shopping block:

A tank.
Not a Sherman tank, nor a think tank.....a DR650 tank:

My friend took it off a late 90s DR, but I'm pretty darn sure it originally came from and probably belongs back on a 2006 model. No dents. Inside of the tank is CLEAN, and what looks (in the photo) to be a scratch in this picture (above the red S) really isn't a's just a reflection of the sun shining through some light clouds making an odd pattern. I'd go out and take another picture to prove it, but my cell phone camera is out of film.

Anyhow, before I stick this on fleabay, I wanted you nice people to get first shot at it. Here's some guy that thinks a new one is worth $300:
And this guy thinks his used one is worth $249.95:

So in light of such stiff competiton, I offer mine at a stunning $60 plus shipping. Yes, that's crazy cheap, and you can tell I never did good at marketing class.

The tank comes with the fuel petcock, but no cap. PM if you are interested.
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