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They aren't just for the range anymore

Originally Posted by fxstbiluigi View Post
Those aimpoint thingies are good for bust'n paper targets and bowling pins, But I wouldn't wanna be look'n for a red dot against a brown back ground that's chargin'. That sounds like disaster fix'n to happen. I'll take the open sights.
Heavily abused and used in Afghanistan and Iraq-- Marines use Trijicons, Army is heavy into Aimpoints.

Plus even if the dot is off or fails you can still use the scope w/o dot as a very effective close range sight.

But to repeat what I said earlier-- for the OP (and hell it would be for me) Remington or Mossberg slide action shotgun with 18.5" barrel, duracoating (Alaska is wet, really wet) and an Ashley big dot up front. Load it with slugs. No other BS on the gun.

(For hiking I would delete the front mount flashlight)

Go practice a bunch with trap loads, get your administrative handling down pat. (another advantage of the 12 gauge over say .45-70) Then shoot enough slugs to be familiar with them.
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I'm sorry your dog died before you got to beat it with a dead chicken.


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