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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
You ain't seen nothing yet.
I think that us running our sections day and night is going to be the key. This ride we all got to know each other, a good taste for riding in Baja, and good idea on what sections that each of the riders would be best suited to ride. We didn't get to talk to much during the ride on our strategy. At the end of each day most of us just got a beer, found a corner and got in the fetal position

The right rider on the right section, and all of us not trying to race other riders is going to be the key to a finish. I know that something can happen to any of us at any time, we are just trying to eliminate anything that we can control that might be a problem. Allan, and John talked to Ed after the ride about each of the riders and what they thought for sections. They are the ones that have been racing in Baja and know what it takes to get to the finish. If the race is the route that they think it is going to be, I think that we have a good plan to help us get to the finish.
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