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Originally Posted by Disco Hamster View Post
What year is your F650?

Question - I've heard some European countries employ a strict licensing program for motorcycles/cars.
Sorry, I totally missed this, but figure I will answer anyway....

I have a single - a 2004 twin-spark FI one. Actually, I love the thing. Last weekend I was out on a highway trip, and was riding it from the pillion with my feet on the back pegs and the rest of me in a crouch. I was just a little bit topheavy, but the position was perfect. I clearly need to swap the rear pegs for rear sets! I can only imagine how funny I looked.

For Germany, things will change next year. We have Class MoFa - motorized bicycles of about 25cc, then Class M (15YO) - up to 50cc scooters (rollers), then A1 (16YO) which is 125cc and down, A2 (18YO) which is 25kW and down, and A3 which is the old unlimited class. What's changing is that you used to be able to take A2 at 18YO and it would magically turn into A3 after two years. As of January, that will not be possible. You will have to take the A3 exam to get it, but you can't do that until you have two years in. And if you want to take A3 directly, you still have to be 25YO. All of the smaller classes are included in the bigger ones.

Cars are cars, unless they weigh more than 3500kg or are automatic. If you take your exam with an automatic, you are stuck with automatics until you pass the exam with a stick. They brand your license. You also need a class BE to tow anything over 750kg. I got that one, too. :)

Feel free to ask me stuff about Germany. It's pretty wonderful. I miss MI, though.....
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