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Originally Posted by kaia View Post
it's awesome to see the dirt side of things, and now with a proper steed... i'll have to go back!
Hi Kaia!
Again, congratulations on the bike!
Yeah, I saw Dave's photo - that was 4800miles.
CJ got 7000 (out of a 150), which is what inspired Matt to try a K60 in the first place.
Oh, that 140 got way worse.
You should see it after Lockhart Basin!

Originally Posted by sierrasommets View Post
I'm enjoying this RR much the same as the TAT. Can't wait to get out there, keep it coming!
Wow, 3 years of lurking and that was your very first post!
I'm honored. thanks for signing in!

Day 11: 7/2/12 continued
Salina, UT to Valley of the Gods, UT (via Mexican Hat) 353 miles

We ended up doing the Moki Dugway twice.
But the light was prettiest in the evening.

Mexican Hat, the rock.

Mexican Hat, the town.
Got gas and some drinks.

It was so mucking hot. Must have been 100F
and Matt kept talking about grape slushees.
Mmmm...grape slushees are so cold and so delicious...
WTH? it was torture.
This was the closest thing we could find. Grape powerade...

We were spending the night in Valley of the Gods.

Funny names for the rock formations.

Seven Sailors

That one on the right looked like Homer Simpson in a bathtub.

That's the sitting hen, way out there...

We liked this spot.

It felt like we had the entire valley to ourselves.

What a fantastic place for an anniversary.

This was our 15th wedding anniversary, but I always count the time we were living in sin, etc...
We've actually been together for 21 years.

This was so much better than being surrounded by yahoos at Lake Powell...

We didn't have a table, so we sat on these rocks and looked out over the valley.

I didn't notice that Matt was in that photo until I was uploading pics for the report!
He's not doing anything bad, he's just in his skivvies. Honest!

It was so hot, we took off our riding gear and hung out in our underwear.
At one point, a big white van (the kind they use for church groups) was headed our way...

me: oh, crap - where are my clothes?
Matt: Relax, they aren't coming over here.
me: and if they do??
Matt: No worries, we'll just say, "Oh hai, we're in our bathing suits!"

Oh man, the voice he used for that was so mucking funny.
That "oh hai" cat voice is pretty close, but not perfect.
Anyway, "oh hai, we're in our bathing suits!" got a lot of use on this trip.
We got pretty loosey goosey about bathing in rivers and lakes.
and running around in our underwear on the side of the road.

We had astronaut fajitas for dinner, but I forgot to take pics.
Here's what matt picked up for our anniversary dessert.
I had just mentioned that I hadn't see a whatchamacallit
since the 80s.
OK. I'm good for another 25 years...

We sat on the rocks and watched the sunset...

After the sun went down,
the moon came out.
Valley of the Gods is just as spectacular by moonlight.

(not that you can tell from my crappy photo. oh well).

This Utah Backcountry Discovery Route is good stuff...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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