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Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
What's changing is that you used to be able to take A2 at 18YO and it would magically turn into A3 after two years. As of January, that will not be possible. You will have to take the A3 exam to get it, but you can't do that until you have two years in. And if you want to take A3 directly, you still have to be 25YO. All of the smaller classes are included in the bigger ones.
that's a new one to me - but it makes sense considering all the steps im "Stufenfuehrerschein". I'm just glad I got my license before it all went into effect and saved a ton of money (it kinda dates me... ).

Funny thing is, that when I moved to the states I never had to take a driving test - they just looked at my license and said "if you made it in Germany you don't need to drive or ride here"
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