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Originally Posted by Manuel Garcia O'Kely View Post
I have no personal experience with the laser dot type sights, but I have a question for you guys - those two walking patrol - if they have to make an entry into one of those dark houses, will their daylight adapated eyes work well enough to see the dots? I've never really played with lasers in daylight much so have little notion of their effectiveness - which is I presume why there is also a backup sight.

Thinking generally about carrying a pump-gun - I guess if you have it slung on the backpack, minimal attachments would make it a lot faster on the "draw" I should think? Makes that Canadian shotgun look pretty ideal for that purpose. You guys use a scabbard strapped to pack or put it under pack straps in some way?
I don't think the military uses laser sighted rifles all that much. They use a red-dot style sight which is different from a laser. It does not project a dot, it simply shows one in the sight which is something like a heads up display. They are bright and seeing them in a darkened room is no problem.....the opposite is more the case where they are harder to see in bright light. The trouble with a dark room is seeing the target clearly, not the dot.

I think it's cool that Canada allows short-barrel shotguns; as someone else said, one good thing about their laws as contrasted to ours which are generally more favorable. It is possible to build a short barrel shotgun here, but you'd have to go through the NFA stuff, pay the $200 tax, jump through the hoops.
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