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Originally Posted by lovemoto View Post
Have such a wife is really a kind of enjoyment, beautiful travel beautiful scenery is really enviable.
Naomi is AWESOME! .. I'm a lucky muchacho
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really enjoyed the report. thanks!

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Excellent, thank you.
many thanks! the juicy bits are still to come!
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I was through some of those areas on my way to Inuvik in July . It's soooo beautiful there.
Please let us all know what the end result of the rear hub failure is .

Thanks guys .
Thanks for asking U.Evil
My rear wheel bearings failed miserably and the whole hub, spacers, all bearings (left and right) had to be replaced. Also, the wheel was so out of alignment that the rear brake rotor/disk locked up and the rotor made a 'channel' on the brake-pad's safety pin. The pin had to be replaced, the pads were not replaced neither was the brake rotor (it has now a funny dark-ish color ). My rear brake never worked anyways. @ the 1,000 km service I brought it up to my BMW dealer, they 'checked it' but still didn't work. Then I brought it up again @ the dealer in Colombia (Ruta40) and still the brake didn't have any bite. Then, I asked my local dealer again to check the rear brake last summer... they did and yes: still bad

How do I know my rear brake doesn't work? when I ride Naomi's F8GS and test the rear brake is like '
wow! this thing actually stops the bike!'. I can literally 'stand on my rear brake' with all my weight and the bike barely slows down. Keep in mind, I use the front brakes 95% of the time. I only use the rear brake on very steep downhills on dirt and in case of an emergency stop.

That's part of my rant
... the other part of this rant is that my local dealer told me: not covered under warranty b/c of wear & tear and it's over the 7,500km (5,000 miles) warranty coverage... so okay, I asked them to give me a quote to get it fixed. In the mean time I went online (here and other F800GS forums) and learned that failed wheel bearings is a VERY WELL DOCUMENTED type of failure on the F8GS. And read about how several of these riders had theirs replaced under warranty, no questions asked (even if their bikes were over the 7,500km mark) So I called my dealer and kindly asked them what the deal was with the warranty thing. In the end, they told me that were going to 'try' to get BMW Canada to cover it under good will warranty, which BMW Canada did in the end

I am very thankful for their support and all .... but why the heck do I have to be the one pushing for warranty coverage on a very well known failure on a supposedly 'unstoppable' motorbike? Most times when I've had to get a warranty job done on our bikes, I had to 'fight' for it. I don't think it's right. If it's a known issue with the bike: make a recall or cover the cost of fixing it (when it fails) under warranty w/out a fuss. Mind you, in my case I almost killed myself on the highway when the bearings went

Doing some research online and asking - again: kindly - my dealer to look into covering things under warranty saved me ~$500

Wow... I wasn't planning on ranting this much! haha but still have a useless rear brake after they checked it for the 4th time a few weeks ago tho


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