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Originally Posted by Sniper X View Post
Yep, if I had to carry one of my 1911s for bear, I would use hotted up loads with hard cast bear bonded bullets. Not HP or even ball.
Back between the mid-80s and 2003 when I was shooting lots of IPSC and had forgotten my revolver roots, I decided I wanted a semi-auto to pack in the woods for bear protection. I ended up with a Delta Gold Cup, a 10mm 1911. I modified the thing by installing a beavertail, and carried that in my pack for years. Then in '03 the 500 S&W Magnum came out, I became more interested in revolvers for woods carry, and I've never looked back. But for a semi-auto guy, I'd certainly urge the 10mm with some stompin' loads as a decent option.
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