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I enjoy keeping up with your ride reports, but you guys seem to have a lot of trouble from the BMW's and dealerships.
Next time buy 3 used KLR's and you will have 2 parts bikes, or 2 bikes to ride with 2 new friends, and money left for another South American trip.

The BMW dealer here in OKC closed. So it's a trip to Tulsa or Dallas for service. We went on a dinner run last Thursday out of town, at one of the refreshment stops, the 2 Beemer guys (F800GS/ GS1200) were bad mouthing the Tulsa dealership. Same kind of comments I heard about the OKC dealership. The F800 guy was bitch'n about the recalls. Didn't want to trailer it to Dallas but didn't want to let the Tulsa store work on his bike.

The OKC BMW dealership had an attitude toward anyone pulling up to their shop on non BMW bikes. I should say that was my experience at the OKC shop. Might be why they are no longer in business. The day I went out to buy a Gold Wing I was treated with the same attitude at Maxie's Honda. From there I went to BMW OKC. I very well could have been driving BMW but NOT with their nose so high in the air they couldn't see me. Left there and went to OK Honda. Great sales guy. He suggested before I ride the Gold Wing I should test the VTX1800 and see what I thought. I drove away on a shiny new Midnight Black VTX1800.
BMW needs to wake up and take care of their customers. Get rid of the attitude. Don't judge the customer by the bike they ride in on. Yes, I was riding a junky bike, that's why I was at your store Einstein.

The only way you can kill a KLR is to :
1 Don't change the oil
2 Crash them
3 Let it get stolen
Go faster than everyone.
Only worry about what's in front of you.
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