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Mo' brakes...

Mo' brakes... Mo'tard...

So at first we had this:

OK for a dirt bike or just putting around. Not what I want on a motard.
So I upgraded to this, GS500 rotor and DR350 caliper on home-made relocation bracket:

Much better, but while the braking power was there the feel wasn't great.
So here is the latest and greatest:

Now we're talking. 1st gen Bandit 1200 caliper on another home-made relocation bracket. Big pads that use all of the surface of the rotor, 4 pistons so that the side loads on the bracket are minimal, much better feel and the pads are not even bedded yet! To the point where I'm wondering if I am going to switch to a stainless line as I originally planned. Might be a bit too touchy...

Next pic is an attempt to show the clearance between rim and caliper. Kinda tight, about 15mm:

If anyone is doing the same conversion and wants the relocation bracket to use the DR caliper on the GS rotor, it is available.
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