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I have been busy so haven't spent much time on the trailer hunt but did stop today on the way home from Boston and saw a nice one, a 7x14 vnose but am stuck now on the size and think it might be too big?

My current trailer is 5x8 so 40 sqft and definitely to small.

I have been looking at 6x12's(72 sqft) but feel there a little tight for what I want so have been drawing plans for a 7x12 or 6x14(84 sqft), the 6x14 is not a common size but the 7x12 is.

So the trailer in the pic is a 7x14 (98 sqft so more than twice my current trailer) and seemed huge inside, I had a 7x16 before that was great as far as room goes but to big for my needs now.

The trailer in the pic is 1865 lbs empty so if I added 400lbs to it outfitting it and then 1000lbs of motorcycles thats 3265lbs loaded to go. Even 3500lbs would be doable.

Not sure if I should save a couple hundred pounds for a single axle (trailer in pic has brakes on both axles) and 14 sq ft, or go for the bigger trailer? I like the vnose with the drop as it should cut through the wind better.
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