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Hey, thanks for the anniversary wishes, you guys!!

Not to mention all the kind words.
Nah, we're old - the evening light was just VERY flattering.
it takes YEARS off.
(I even asked matt if he had retouched that photo. nope.)
Wow. Wish I could have that Valley of the Gods sunset just follow me around...

And did you know that 7/2 was also Dave6253's anniversary?
Matt and I were roasting in the desert while Dave and Helen were up in the Arctic Circle!
(see day 11 or so in Dave's WAY UP NORTH RR. I'm in the middle of video hell and can't get the link right now)

Happy Belated Birthday, ROAD DAMAGE!

Originally Posted by GISdood View Post
Really enjoying this RR!

But... did you consider that maybe the burgers came from one that didn't get off the hwy quite quickly enough?

I keed, I keed!
That video was just...wrong.
all kinds of wrong!

thanks for the contribution!

Day 12: 7/3/12
Valley of the Gods to Monticello, UT 167 miles

Whew, was it hot last night.
92° at 10:30 pm.
Guess that explains why we have the place all to ourselves...

It was still awesome.

Hey, look what BigWan gave me for our anniversary!
A rock!

He found it this morning.
I think it’s hematite.
It’s all pretty and polished, obviously tumbled. Hmmm.
Some hippie must have dropped it here.

I hope it’s not going to be like one of those cursed tikis on the brady bunch...
(those guys on scrubs are idiots. it’s not “nah nah nah nah,”
it’s “dooodle eee oooh!”)

Thanks, mr. honey!
(Gale B.T., I still use that one!!)
I love my anniversary rock.

We had coffee and nasty astronaut eggs for breakfast.
Seriously. Ugh.
They look better than they taste.

After choking that down with more coffee,
we got on the trail.

Ah, it was just as beautiful today.

So, we’re on Section 1 of the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route.
Video trailer here
GPS tracks available here.
Butler map here.

We don’t have a smart phone ($10, remember?), so we couldn’t use those thingies on the UTBDR map.
I guess they play video? Dunno.
Anyway, now that we’re home we can see the videos of the stuff we missed.

Like the ancient ruins in section 1.

Back up the Moki Dugway...

Wow, Duke really gets around!

Snow Flat Road - the UTBDR guys really liked this one.
Lots of sloooow motion video of snow flat throughout the trailer and dvd...

it was okay, I guess.

Very Utah.

But, after all the rock steps and sand in the San Rafael Swell (Black Dragon, Cat Canyon, etc),
Snow Flat seemed pretty tame.

next time - Make silt your favorite!

OK, all of a sudden Lockhart Basin and the Porcupine Rim Trail are coming up.
I need to streeeetch this day a little we can get the video done.

if you're bored, you can go watch some old videos...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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