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Elmer and Chad - thanks for posting the pics. I'm really bad with camera work - both taking pics and uplaoding them.
Sorry I've been silent for the past couple of days. Had a great visit with Elmer and Sharon when I picked up his rig Friday. They are wonderful people. Hope I can do his rig justice.

Rain from Elmer's almost to Florence SC - I was heading SW to spend Friday night with my son. He had a GoldWing+EML rig when he was doing his residency in California. Sold it and went back to 2 wheels. Seeing my rig brought back lots of good memories.

Then off Saturday morning to Greenville SC to get a new front tire. Fun to run into Chad and his wife. I was just sorta hanging out when he popped over and asked if it was Elmer's rig that he had seen on advrider. Doubt there are 2 rigs with that paint scheme. :-)

Next headed over to Asheville to help a very good friend celebrate his 65th birthday. Funny how things work out sometimes - if I hadn't needed a tire, I would have gone straight north from my son's place and missed all the fun. My friend lives up on one of Asheville's mountains. I'm really glad the rig has a 3.0 final drive. Not sure I would have made it up the hill without it.

Spent most of Sunday and today wandering through the Carolina/Tennessee/ Virginia mountains. I have a couple of really bad phone pictures somewhere but can't find them. Great scenery and so different from what I have at home now. Nice to get back to it for even a brief while.

Going to visit with Bob Henig of Bob'sBMW in Jessup Tuesday to chat about rigs and probably spend a few bucks. Then up to see Claude via Rte 15 from Frederick with maybe a detour to Gettysburg.

Been a fun trip so far - Rig handles well - interstates and major highways are no problem; I'm slowly getting used to secondary and tertiary roads. Other than handling, the biggest differences to me from riding on 2 wheels are:
- Speed - instead of 10 miles over the limit I'm at or slightly below the posted speeds. And if a corner says 25mph, I take it at no more than 25; often less. Maybe that will improve over time. But I haven't hit any really challenging twisties. Not sure I'm ready for that yet.
- Gas mileage: I'm getting about 30 mpg - stopping every 120 miles or so.
- Attention: Every gas stop, meal stop, rest stop takes a little bit longer as I get to chat with lots of curious people.
- Physical demands: At the end of 8 or 9 hours, I'm ready to call it a day. Must be the heat and humidity. :-)

All in all it's been a great experience so far. I'm looking forward to what's ahead.
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