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Talking My ADV Sticker

I earned this Red,White and Blue Texas ADV sticker by riding my '95 1100GS ( with 99,500 plus miles on the ODO) 2700 miles in three days from Seattle, Wa to Austin Tx. to see my brother, with a worn out Clutch release rod bearing.
I took this picture off bike because the bike is in the shop for a fluid transfusion and clutch transplant.
Do you know how this bike came into being? It was a very nice R1100GS once. Taken by the dark powers; torchured and mutilated, by me.
A ruined and terrible form of life, and now perfected. This is my Fighting Uruk-Hai!" !!!! If You Can't Modify, Hack or Repair It, You Don't Own It !!!!
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