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Originally Posted by Cornbread82 View Post
Sorry I thought that I put one up for you It is OK, it helps some keeping your shoulder from moving around to much. Not very easy to get on right, it will take you a time or two to get it right. The big problem that I had was that it was so hot!! It is like a wetsuit and not very good when it is so hot out. The strap is about 5 inches wide that is around your chest and if you have it tight it can be constrictive on a long ride. I used it for the first day but quit using it after that.

The shoulder is getting better but I have been going to therapy 3 times a week and that has helped a bunch. I am only using 5 lbs. on the bench, it is somewhat humiliating but that is all I can do right now. How is your shoulder doing?
Brett, mine is doing much better, finally went and got an MRI, separation is healing and rotator tendons swollen, but no other damage, just need more rest and rehab. Thanks for the update on the brace, hopefully none of us will need one!

Have been enjoying the ride reports, sounds like you guys had a blast and John and Allen are wily vets and should be great teachers!
What would John Penton do?
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