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Originally Posted by LC Garage View Post
Brett, mine is doing much better, finally went and got an MRI, separation is healing and rotator tendons swollen, but no other damage, just need more rest and rehab. Thanks for the update on the brace, hopefully none of us will need one!

Have been enjoying the ride reports, sounds like you guys had a blast and John and Allen are wily vets and should be great teachers!
Glad that you like the reports, Scott has been posting them he took notes every night. I think that iphone is part of him, and he would die without it Not sure when he is going to get the next day up, he went back to work so he will not be home until we start the drive to the race.

John and Allan were great, but I think think Allen needs to change he ADV name "Half Fast my ass" Felt bad for John he was on the cleanup duty for the ride and I know that had to just suck!! With 6 guys riding it was one thing after another and he had to stop for everything. His bike was acting up some and was a pain to get started for a few days and in that heat I know it was killing him. They did give us some great tips that helped a bunch, John had Scott riding good by the end of the trip. I just wish that Scott didn't have to get back to work and not able to keep riding but with 10 more days of pre riding I think that he will be good to go. With Ed and John doing the planning the sections we will ensure that he gets one that will not be over his head, and from what I have been told about Ed he will have us out running our sections until he thinks we are good to go on them.
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