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We met in Yakima at the sidecar/trike class. I have the KLR/Velorex. Looks like a nice trip.
If you hit Nebraska, you may want to consider Hwy 2, angling up NW thru the Sandhills, which are unique and beautiful in their own way. (But horribly dry this year.) I am from Custer County, central NE, where my family farms and ranches.

Don't know your roads traveled in the past, but I drive from here to NE frequently. I-80, basically from Salt Lake to Omaha, has heavy truck traffic and can be deeply rutted. I-90, WA, ID,MT, SD, carries about 1/4 the traffic, much more pleasant. If on 90, consider the "shortcut", basically from Belle Fourche to the Little Bighorn battlefield, Hwy 212. It straightens the jog 90 makes into Wyoming. If weather is windy, or threatening,or dark, be careful. It is fairly empty country, so be fueled up. It is now a very good road. Lots of deer at night. If you have not stopped there, spend some time at the Custer memorial. Very simple, good driving self guided tour, and modern forensics have tracked individual troop movements by tracing firing pin indentations in shell cases.

Be careful. But maybe you are being tracked by drone??
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