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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post
Since you don't know me, or how much I know about this.
Please put me on ignore and run along to troll elsewhere.

But I guess you do posess all the evidence.
Don't you Mr. Tygart?
Interesting method of avoidence. Your comments illustrate that you don't know the subject matter, and because I know more than you then you say I'm a troll. Well, I guess I'm glad that I am because being smart is hard work and a virtue.

I have read, covered and debated this subject of Doping for two decades. I know what happened.

Lance was advised to give up which will ensure the evidence will never be presented. Case closed, so nothing comes out. His partner, his number one friend, the most loyal person he knows, and the person he dedicated two autobiagraphies to was going to testify under oath. George Hincapie, was going to get into details, but now he won't be heard.

It’s exceedingly rare for athletes to rat each other out for doping. It’s rarer still for someone with nothing to gain—that is, someone who isn’t Jose Canseco—to talk openly about a teammate’s drug use. When it does happen, it tends to be devastating. Even though Roger Clemens was ultimately found not guilty of perjury, his reputation was destroyed by Andy Pettitte’s declaration that the Rocket had told him he’d taken HGH. Hincapie’s testimony promised to be more extensive and direct, implicating himself as a participant—perhaps in exchange for a reduced suspension—in the alleged doping of Armstrong’s cycling teams. For a man who has called everyone who questioned him a liar and a fraud, this was an existential threat: The man he trusted most telling the whole world he cheated his way to the mountaintop.
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