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Originally Posted by BMWORBUST View Post
Nearly his entire team has admitted the truth. He hasn't though and probably never will. Do you believe one man over the many men who helped win him those titles?

Do you honestly believe he was clean while his whole team was cheating? Do you really believe they were all lying when they implicated him in teaching them how to do said cheating? Do you honestly believe that? If so, you're either five years old or delusional.

Let me guess: Jerry Sandusky was just misunderstood, right? All of those boys were lying too, just like Lance's teammates.
Surely at least some of the 'witnesses' will end up writing books or articles that should lay out the 'evidence'. I use those two words with caution because unless and until what they say convinces me, I will give LA the benefit of the doubt. In my career I crossed paths with many people who lied to save their own backsides at the expense of their friends or accomplices. Do I believe LA's team mates? Not without corroboration that is irrefutable. That may be a high bar but anything less would still leave a reasonable doubt, the standard by which we judge guilt.

The comparison with the Sandusky case doesn't fit. Those witnesses weren't testifying to salvage their careers or reputations.
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