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I posted this in the stupid things people ask you when stopped section too. I'm leaving a store the other day with a fresh keg strapped in my sidecar. A guy comes up, oogles the rig, tells me about his friend who was killed on a "crotch rocket" years ago, then proceeds to ask me some questions.

Dumbass: "Does the sidecar have a quick release?"

Me: "Well, yeah, just these four bolts and it is off. It takes me about ten minutes to drop the car."

Dumbass: "Well that's not much help, is it?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

Dumbass: "You have to have a quick release so you can drop the sidecar and lay her down if you get in a jam."

Me: "Oh yeah. Thanks for telling me. I never thought about that."

Now, this wasn't some squid with a flat billed hat. This dude was in his 40's. Glad he knew what I needed to be safe. I'm going to get right on fabricating that James Bond quick release!

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