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This waterfall is just over the mtn via some nice gravel.....but you can there via all pavement as well....

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I've known of Elk River Falls for some time but had never been there before yesterday.

It appeared to be a popular place.....

Looked like a good place to take a swim....but didn't see any takers.

In between the falls and rally central.

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Another first timer!

It went right past this well maintained cemetery miles away from the nearest house or church.

....then things became a bit more interesting heading down the mtn. first it was just a little less gravel....

...then it got steeper (than it looks) rutted and littered with debris.

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It wouldn't be much of a challenge on a thumper but I'm not sure if I'd want to try and climb it with the touring Strom....not when wet anyway.

Back in civilization.

Proof that I really was riding!

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