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O.K. We have arrived in Jackson Hole and will be putting up some pictures. Not too many from Oregon as we were hauling ass to get to our hotel in Klamath Falls and then on to Tahoe. A lot of fires in California made the ride really smoky and caused a few diversions from our intended route. I thought we could start out by introducing the riders

This is me, Troy. The are calling me"Radio" because I never shut up. Their opinion.

My Brother Mark. AKA "The Godfather"

Randy. AKA "T- Rex" I had never met Randy, so during the email barrage leading up to the trip, I told Randy that I would send a vented 2 XL jacket for him to use on the trip. It didn't fit, so I told him I was glad I wouldn't be the fattest one on the trip. Well, Randy let me know he was 6'4" 260 pounds with a 36" waist and 19.5" arms. I told him he must look like T-Rex with that huge body and short little 19.5" arms! So far I am still living, but I am sure he is going to kill me a some point on the trip. Too bad it wasn't in Winnemucca....I might have been better off.

Steve, AKA "Sleepy". Steve is a little slow on the uptake during passing situations and keeping up with the group. We are convinced his iPod is loaded with Kenny G and The Carpenters songs. We are attempting to commandeer his iPod and download Randy's library to his. A little Guns n Roses never hurt anyone.

Jeff AKA "The Wizard". Jeff is pretty mechanically minded and notice everything about the bikes. Uh Jim's tire looks like it only has about 20 pounds of pressure (said while riding at 30 mph). Sure as hell, Jim only had 22 pounds of pressure. Fixed on the spot by The Wizard.

Jim W. AKA "Straightline". Jim is on a naked Triumph and full retro wear. Not only is he keeping up, but in 40 mph crosswinds that we're kicking all our butts, he never even was moved by the wind.

John. AKA "Chickago". John just flew into Idaho Falls from Chicago and joined us on a rented Harley. I am tempted to make Harley jokes but don't know John and I hear Chicago knows how to fit people for cement shoes. He does say Chicago funny though.

Last but not least, Jim S. and his lovely Wife Nancy. Jim is AKA "Worldwide" due to his recent promotion at Paramount Pictures Worldwide operations, plus Randy likes calling him that and who wants to disappoint Randy? Not me! No AKA for Nancy because we are not that stupid and she is really too nice to harass.

More to come.

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