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More Day One

Here is a map showing the first half of the ride. This was a ride around Lake Huron, not necessarily the lake shore. We took roads that looked interesting. When I got to Michigan I actually spend some time on the Lake Michigan shore.

Regardless of Don's guarantee that it wouldn't rain, it rained off and on all day and we had at least an hour of steady rain at one point. There were some nice roads but because of the weather and not thinking about the ride report I didn't take any photos.

We stopped for the night at the Tay Motel in Tay, Ontario. One highlight of today's ride was that it downpoured while we were eating dinner at a diner but stopped by the time we were done eating. Mileage for the day was 312 (miles, not kilometers). But in Canada everything is in kilometers and I never did get used to the distance signs or the distance on the GPS. I kept thinking in miles when all the numbers were in kilometers.

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