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More rain!

Day 3 Tybee Island, GA to Watsadler Campground on Hartwell Lake, GA 318 miles

Although the rain had been troublesome, it had lowered the temps a bit and we slept well. The skies were overcast when we got up so I checked the radar. It looked like we would have 5 to 10 minutes before the rain started again. I told Cameron to get his butt in gear or we would be packing in the rain. This lit a fire under him; I think he was tired of getting wet. We were almost thru when the skies opened up.
We rode to the beginning of the TET which is right on the coast of GA. Fortunately the rain stopped long enough for us to get a few pics.

Cam and Me

Cam and Me at the start of the TET

Rain coming our way

As soon as we got on the trail, the rain started pouring down and continued for several hours. At one point it was raining so hard we could barely see. This part of the trail looked like it would normally be deep sand. With all the rain, the sand was packed and made for good riding. (except for the afore mentioned rain)

Wash out

When the rain finally let up, we stopped at the Headhunters Hair Salon to take a break.

Headhunters Hair Salon

Stormy skies

Vapor coming out of plant Maybe this is a rain making plant

By the time we stopped for lunch in Augusta, GA, the skies had cleared.
Drying out the gear

The next section of roads were mostly gravel

Another good thing about the rain, it kept the dust down.

Cool bridge

We stopped in McCormick for gas. Cameron was complaining about his wet feet in his wet boots so we decided to take a break.

While Cameron aired out his feet, I check the GPS to see what our destination would be for the night. It was 57 trail miles to the Watsadler Lake area so thatís where we headed.

A few miles before our destination, it started to, you guessed it, rain. We decided to stop and put our rain gear on, jackets AND pants this time. Of course we never saw another drop of rain. (that day)

Home for the night

We rode into Hartwell and had dinner at the La Cabana Restaurant.

After dinner, we returned to camp to take showers and hang up our wet gear, The facilities as the camp ground were very nice.

We decided to put the rain flies on our tents because we could see and hear storms all around us.



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