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Team TCB Shake-Down / Baja 1000 pre-pre-ride notes - DAY 3

Hey folks...hope you're enjoying reading my daily reports as much I am re-telling them

I'm back at work now and won't wait as long to type out Day 4 and Day 5 reports. I'll have a lot more time.

Without further adieu, here's Day 3...with lots of pictures below.

If you read the end of Day 2's report, you'd know that getting out of the top bunk without flashing my junk to the world was challenging. I woke up and laid there for a pretty long time thinking about my game plan. I eventually decided to lay there until everyone was out of the room. The coast was clear and I hopped out of bed to start the day.

Everyone is moving slow packing up their gear. Everything is wet and nasty. It smells like rotten feet in the room. Everything is just slimey. I walk outside to air out my gear and look at the ocean for a minute or two. It was really beautiful. As I'm on my way inside, John passes by and whispers, "Make fun of Allan's girl shoes." John mumbles the same thing to Brett when he passed him.

Seriously…Allan…it's time to get rid of those shoes. We all had fun at Allan's expense for a while. Note: once the room has you zeroed and everyone is firing for effect, all you can do is laugh and stop defending your choice in footwear. (See picture below) You're not a 'fashonista'…hahaha

After we get geared up, I tag The Barefoot Bar with a WWP sticker. I'm sad to leave this place but I know today was going to be equally as amazing. We take a few team pictures with Lulu and some more with her other guests (kids). The kids loved it! They were all smiles. They were way excited to sit on Elvis. I know exactly how they feel…because I feel the exact same way when I get on my bike. But I gotta play it cool…

From Coyote Cal's we cruised south along the coast line. Allan or John can give you exact locations or distances. I think this morning's ride was the first time when things (not everything and especially not jumps) started to 'click' for me. I was going a lot faster and I was using a lot less energy controlling the bike. I studied my GoPro footage and I can tell that I'm definitely 'getting it'. Picking better lines and falling exponentially less. Hmmm...maybe I won't get run over in the Baja 1000.

The first half of the morning was extremely foggy. It was really cool though. Not a soul in sight. Wide open spaces. Dirt roads as far as you can see. Ocean to my right. Mountains to my left. And a full day of riding ahead of us.

Riding that morning was one of those moments where you realize that you're making a lifelong memory…remembering every rock and every turn with precision detail. Some memories are in black and white, kinda vague, and you only really can recall the major details. But that morning after we left Coyote Cal's…that memory is burned in my mind in Dolby Surround Sound Technicolor! It was such a cool ride. A ride I'll never forget.

After a few hours of fog, we rode into clear skies....and it was nothing but throttle and smiles. This was where I found 6th gear a few times. I'm liking this more and more. Allan took us to the Shipwreck and we snapped a few touristy pictures. Then we were off to the Pirate Bar.

Somewhere before the Pirate Bar I pass John who is stopped by the side of the road coming out of the bushes. He's got a lot of junk in his hands…to include baby wipes. I figured he need to make an emergency class 2 download. Ten seconds later Randy passes me going 100mph in the opposite direction - right at me. It turns out that Randy's Moose tail fender bag ripped open at the base and he lost everything. He was oblivious that it was flapping in the wind…Allan saw it and said it looked like Pac-Man chomping away at nothing.

After we delt with Pac-Man, we ate some more road side tacos. Fantastic! That's all I can say.

We stopped at the Pirate bar for about an hour. Sat outside by the ocean and cooled off. What an amazing view. I know that I fell once before the Pirate Bar only because I have a picture of a bush stuck in my boot. Thanks for pointing that our Brett. But the only fall I can remember that day was after the Pirate Bar. It was a good one.

My big fall of the day was from inexperience…Chris's big fall of the day was from glorious arrogance. Chris decided to jump a nicely groomed sand hill next to the ocean. He said he thought it looked like a "perfect jump". It was a good 10' tall steep sand hill that paralleled the cliffs. Little did he know that there was a 30' sheer cliff into the ocean with no landing on the other side. While he was about to get airborne, he saw what was on the other side. Luckily he was able to immediately dump the bike. He saved it from taking a dip in the ocean and a breaking his own neck. He did, however, break his gas cap vent in the crash. No worries….Chris mixed up some JB Weld on his fender and was soon good to go.

On to my big crash…we were in deep deep sand. But luckily there were no cliffs though. Now, I'm doing it right I think. Weight back and steering with my feet. Lots of throttle. I don't know how fast I was going but I felt like I was going fast. There was a 1' lip on the side of the trail…sort of acting like a curb. And when the bike hit that lip, I went flying over the handle bars. The bike stopped and I didn't. Holy crap I flew far. After I land and realize I'm not hurt, I turn my GoPro on to show how far I flew. Brett and Vera got a good laugh at my expense watching that video back at Brett's house. Brett said he saw a flash of orange (KTM) and then a "mushroom cloud" of sand.

Shortly after we re-grouped I earned the nickname, "Baja Basketball". Because I hit the ground more times than a professional basketball. Thanks Brett and Allan...

We ended the day at "The Old Mill" hostel and the owner greeted us with an ice cold Pacifico. It's tradition to greet patrons with an ice cold beer I guess. Not a bad business practice at all.

Allan was still having bike issues and decided to take his carb apart in the parking lot. I wanted to be useful and help-out….so I went to the bar and came back with 6 fresh beers. Never tasted so good.

I took my beer upstairs and removed my boots. I knew my feet were messed up but didn't realize how badly. Now…I've spent 4 years in Ranger Battalion, made 5 trips to combat, walked hundreds and hundreds of miles with monster ruck sacks, rotted away in Ranger School for 5 months…and my feet have never been as jacked-up as they were that evening. From that day on, I aired my feet out when I could. Lesson learned.

There was a giant wedding party next to the Old Mil. It was at the adjacent bar lawn area and they had a HUGE circus tent. I couldn't tell if they were just breaking it down or if they were setting it up. A lot of things were being moved around and it was getting dark. There's no way there would be a wedding starting so late. Hey just taking a survey…who starts a wedding at midnight? Just wondering?? They did. The band didn't stop playing until 3 or 4am. Between everyone snoring and the mariachi music blasting in my ears, I didn't sleep too much. Turns out no one did.

Day 3 was over and I was still alive. As I laid in bed listening to mariachi music, I was wondering what adventures day 4 would bring. I was a little more bruised and battered…but now solidly in love with Baja.

Day 3 morning...Allan's not so masculine shoes. haha

Saying goodbye to Lulu at Coyote Cal's. Wonder if she wants a sponsor...

The kids love this as much as I do.

Tagging the Barefoot Bar on our way out with a Wounded Warrior Project sticker.

After a few hours in the saddle heading south. Fog, ocean, mountain, ruts, whoops, oh my.

More roadside tacos for Team TCB. Still 1,000 degrees here.

The trail went down a steep hill. Amazing view after we rode out of the fog.

Me and John (Turbo Donkey) at the shipwreck.

Elvis on the beach right before the Pirate Bar.

Pirate Bar...should of taken that time to air out my feet. What a view.

Allan taking his carb apart. Not sure if he ever fixed it.'t resist Allan's shoes. He said they were lovely.

My day 3 feet.

I couldn't end this new thread with my nasty feet picture. So here's my dinner. Damn I love Mexican food. And thanks Taco Lu's for the water koozie!

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