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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
i'm in reno until end of Sept. What's your timeline to hit TJ?
Hey Jeremy!

TJ ETA end of September probably.

Im still in Australia things didnt quite go to plan as usual, i didnt end up flying to Vancouver and i wasn't able to sell my bikes here either.. Sydneysiders are just plain SOft - fair-weather riders. Trying to sell in the winter was a disappointing FAIL :(

Even though my budget has been cut, i just cant postpone this trip any longer, my whole life has been put on hold the past year for this... i'll just have to make do with the money I've got and regretfully limit my tequila shots .

I managed to scrape up enough work and savings to at least guarantee a central american new year and some..
I fly on the 3rd September to LA.
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