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Tahoe! We finally arrived in the Tahoe area, truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course, back to the world where electronic signals actually work, we have several emails from T-Rex (Randy) worried about our well being and disgusted that we let the Movie Boys from L.A. beat us to his house. Randy takes this as a sign of weakness, we just laugh.

We finally arrive at Randy's awesome house and meet the Kardashian crew. Before we can even get our jackets off, Randy has us get a beverage from his man cave. Holy crap, 3 big screens, full on bar with anything you can imagine, pool table and of course a home theater with actual movie theater seats and a silver screen, not a big TV. These Movie Boys have totally lost touch with the rest of us!

A few beverages on the deck and it was dinner time. Randy's wife Sue and Worldwide's (Jim S.) wife Nancy brought out BBQ ribs, chicken lasagne, veggies, and Caesar salad out on one of Randy's decks (I think there are about 36 decks on this house). What can't go without mention was the dessert. Sue made this blueberry crumble with vanilla ice cream that is truly one of the 3 best things I have ever eaten. Just look at me, I know eating! Wow, this thing damn near killed me! Note to self, Tequila and blueberry crumble don't mix. Next time I will drop the Tequila, it was that good.

Below are some pictures of Randy's Tahoe home.

The Godfather (My Brother Mark) checking out Randy's ridiculous Honda Rune. I had never even heard of this bike. Way cool. Google it.

One of the decks to enjoy your morning coffee on. Wow!

A view down into the back yard. You can't see the full size teepee in this picture. Trust me it is there and nicer than my house.

Worldwide (Jim S.) enjoying the deck before the beverages got flowing too much.

Too say that accommodations on the rest of the trip would go downhill from Randy's place would be an understatement to say the least.

Thanks Randy and Sue for the hospitality.

too be continued. While you guys are reading this, we will be riding through Yellowstone for the day.
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