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Originally Posted by Motogymkhanaman View Post
Typically the most time is lost during the rotation turns as these are by far the most difficult to get right. A top rider should be able to make one rotation of a pylon in about 2.5 seconds.
...which brings up a technique question that's been bugging me since my last practice session last Saturday morning. I set up a course that was basically a series of zig-zags about 25 feet apart (and maybe ten to twelve feet wide -- a parking space and a half, anyway -- per row). Riding the course felt great.

Then I watched the video when I got home...I was turning like the Exxon Valdez! (I haven't edited or posted the video yet, so no link to show what I'm talking about).

The course that I modeled this from called for seven feet between cones, giving a max turning diameter of fourteen feet; I was easily going that far beyond the cone that marked the center of my turn (meaning a twenty-eight foot turning radius ). I know I'm capable of making much tighter turns than that; I routinely make U-Turns on the street from the middle of my lane into the middle of the oncoming lane, and I can easily do 360s on a low-traffic, two-lane residential street near my house.

I was doing all the other things Vulfy and Harvey Krumpet have mentioned in other posts (turning my head to look where I want to go, trail braking through the turn, etc.), but I'm thinking that I was waiting until after I passed the cone to initiate the turn when I should have been already started the turn by the time I passed the cone. What do you think? If you are trying to make a 180 around a cone, do you start the turn before you reach the cone, or as you reach the cone?

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