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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
Does anybody know a technique behind drifting on a bike? Is it controlling with front brake and overspinning the rear with the throttle, so it looses some traction?

It's having zero mechanical sympathy, no respect for your own body & plenty of money. You got to have the Cojones to get your weight right forward & pile the gas on to break traction. As a callow yoof I was dumb enough to try & emulate the racers, sliding through corners on the power, rolling burnouts & the like. If I was totally committed I could pull it off, if it was 99% I ate hedge.
You will have a blast on dirt roads doing this on the DR, a lot less traction makes it easy to light the rear up get a feel for the bike "drifting".

What are the rules on loss of traction in motogymkhana?
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