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Originally Posted by DaveBall View Post
Hmmm, I think it would have been better to just pick up the phone and give Dave a call. I am sure that if you got him on the phone and discussed the issue that he would take proper care of you and your problem. At this time of year, a lot of shops are pretty busy. Possibly he just isn't all that comfortable with email and maybe leaves it on the back burner to get to when he has more time. Who knows? Spend the few pennies and make the call.

I also question sending the unit all that way to begin with. You have a very respectable BMW trained technician much closer that always stands behind his work. Shail's Motorcycles has always done me right. He was factory trained on Airheads when they were new. Some of his mechanics were also trained that way. If he can't fix something, it just can't be fixed. His shop is in Langley BC, which is a whole lot closer. He has worked on all of my airheads over the years, starting back in 1979 when I bought my very first one.
I've dealt with Shail's for years and before I sent the drive to Anderwerks I took it in to Shail in Langley and discussed the lateral play issue. Shail told me to ignore it which I didn't want to do because of the cost of a failure. That sent me looking for someone who I thought could do it properly and I felt Anderwerks would do that.

If I call someone and they are busy I'll leave a message but I'll also email them as to what I wanted to talk about.
I don't think a customer is totally responsible for initiating all communication or spending a great deal of time trying to call someone on the phone if they aren't readily available.

That's where email is so useful as you can get a detailed message in writing to be read once you're in the office.
For example Dave emailed me to tell me he opened a work order on my final drive and emailed me an invoice for payment. so I assumed email was part of the way Anderwerks did business.

If a business offers email and does business by email then shouldn't they should have someone reading the mail and responding to it. How is a customer to know otherwise?

In any event I am hopeful Anderwerks will refund my money
$600 is a big deal when you're retired on a pension.

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