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Originally Posted by davsato View Post
thanks chip. we can only get the most basic support for these rifles in the UK, the gunsmith that did some conversions and tuning parts went out of business. i got a few spares and a target stock from archers and it was cheaper than getting parts here. my rifle is a working gun so its not as fancy as yours, i just sprayed it matt black and touch it up as it gets beat up. (the stock is for tiny little chinese guys, i had to put 1.5" spacers on the buttpad to give it a 14" reach so my son and i could use it, and its still short for me. i got a bipod for it but the stock is so short i'll have to figure out how to barrel mount it.
mine is the '79 that uses 88g gas bottles or a paintball bottle but these are so expensive here i put a paintball quickchange in it to use a single 12g, get around 30 usable 40yd rabbit shots out of it, 40 for squirrels or rats closer up.

You must be a big dude....I am 5'8" 155 and it fits me just fine.

I just can't say enough good things about this rifle.....Many have tossed out the so accurate it is a bore....well yea....anything under say about 25yards is just a no brainer. Over that I am good for about 10-20 shots...I have not counted....then I think the pressure starts to drop and the pellets start to drop a little. Under 25 and I am good till the thing is about empty.

So far I have recharged the rifle 3 times....I have not counted the amount of shots I get from a pair of CO2 cartridges....just too much fun now to bother.

The bolt is also getting a little better to work....just getting worked in I guess.

I have gotten SO much trigger time I think it is going to really help me when I can finally get back to centerfire rifles. When I started I could not hit ANYTHING unless the gun was on a I am steady for about 10 shots then I get the shakes and my arm feels like I have done 100 push-ups.....but that is progress. Just last night I went 5 for 5 at 25yards off hand on a target a little smaller then the bottom of a pop can....after that I hit nothing, but that is the longest string to date.....getting better.
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