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Originally Posted by MoBill View Post
Had the DL650A for 45,000 miles, and just Sold my Tenere with 15K. The Tenere was far more intuitive (to me) on hard dirt surfaces or rock...loved it, The DL really felt just as planted on groomed dirt, but on rocky or hard loose stuff the Tenere was just plain better (I say all that because there is ubiquitous sand here, aka kryptonite).

And bombing down the highway at 100+...that f'n Tenere was a time machine. Still, some reason, watching it pull away on Chip's trailer, I didn't care, had my fun with it, but it wasn't me.

So...picking up a 2012 DL650 tomorrow. Cannot wait. As mentioned, fuel economy, lighter...really happy with the plan.

My only beef is WTF with losing .5G of gas. Who thought that was a good idea. The only time you can have too much gas is when you're on fire.
I would be curious how does the 2012 DL feel after the ST.
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