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Originally Posted by jdcross View Post
I've been a member of Adve ture Ruders for some time but as you have corectly stated I have not posted before.
I am an active member of the Airheads List. I live in Qualicum Beac BC and am retired. I have a 1988 R100RT and a 1995 Ducati 900 SP both with collector plates.
My R100RT had some lateral play and as I was restoring it I wanted the drive fixed. I looked at a number of shops but chose Dave at Anderwerks as I was aware he had an excellent reputation and he told he he could do the job right.
Dave charged me 10.05 hours of labour.
When I got the drive back and installed I took a test ride and found oil on my rear tire and drips coming from the final drive. I removed the rear wheel and could see the leak coming from the crown gear cover.
I emailed Dave about the leak.
No reply from Dave.
I took another test ride - same leak problem.
This time I emailed Dave with lots of pictures.
No reply from Dave.
I emailed Dave agian asking if the problem could be a simple gasket leak and asked if I could fix it myself.
No reply from Dave
I took the problem to the Airhead list and the consensus was the drive needed to be opened up to see what the problem was.
I resent all of my emails to Dave in case he had missed them.
No reply from Dave
I then wrote Dave a letter on June 28 th saying that after no response from him about my problem I was sending the final drive to Tom Cutter in Pennsylvania for repair and asked for a refund of his invoice.
On july 16 th I got an email from Mike, Dave's technician who did the work. He said they wanted to fix the problem which was good but I told Mike they had left it too long, the drive was gone and I wanted a refund.
Mike said Dave would contect me.
No reply from Dave
Tom Cutter found the final drive to be incorrectly shimmed and not sealed according to the latest BMW tech bulletin.
Tom reshimmed and sealed the drive correctly and charged me just over 1/3 the hours Dave charged.
After numerous emails from me with no reply I finallly got Dave on the phone.
He could have aplogized right then and offered to stnad behind the problem but instead he told me he wanted to check with some other BMW techs about repairs and would get back to me.
No reply from Dave.
I called Dave again, he was not available, I left a message to call me back
No call back or email from Dave.
Last week I requested Dave clarify whether he would refund my money by the end of week.
No reply from Dave.
I've never been treated this poorly by anyone in the motorcycle business.
Something is worng at Anderwerks but I can't fix that, I just want my refund.

I appreciate your comments supporting Dave, and I realize Dave surely has his side of the story
but his handling of this matter is way below reasonable standards


I'm going to go against the theme of the responses here, and agree with you that Anderwerks has clearly dropped the ball here. Just like in my business,,,,you are only as good as your last job,,,until it's fixed. It should seem fairly obvious to everyone here scrambling to cover Anderwerks' ass that the owner here of the R100Rt could not have done anything by installing the unit to the bike that could have compromised any work done by Anderwerks.
Until Anderwerks bucks up and actually responds to any one of your e-mails, he's got to waer this. E-mails are not a new way of communicating in this second decade of the 21st century. Infact,,,the customer here actually is giving Anderwerks time to look into the situation, think out an appropriate response, and recify the situation. Phoning a retail shop,,,from EVERYONE's experience, can often get a shop owner/representative who is quite busy, rattled, with other lines on hold, and often not up to the task regarding the particular customers questions.
If Anderwerks had responded to even ONE of your e-mails, you probably would not have entered this thread.
I say, Anderwerks wears this particular dirty shirt until they fix the situation.

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