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Puke Day 9 Beartooth Pass Awesomeness

We get up earlyish and have a great breakfast at the hotel and Lost Alaskan is to head off home afterwards. As we are packing up he ask if I am up for a little dirt action. Shit ya man, just down to road he finds Miller Rd that tuns into Lulu pass rd. Off we go and I am following. The 990 is eating up the rough stuff and I am impressed, great little short trip with amazing views. This was the last bit of real dirt I would see for my trip.

As the great pumpkin 990 takes a rocky turn it decides to take a nap and blows up the windscreen. Luckily Lost Alaskan used to be a Russian power lifter in his previous life and is able to push the thing up as I am pulling from the other side. Upright he packs up the busted windscreen to the back ; I was thankful he didn't leave it on the trail and trash it up and hope everyone else out there would do the same. At the end of the trail we part ways. Great guy and really knows his stuff adios Lost Alaskan it was good times.

Now off to the Beartooth pass, no reason to muck it up with words I will let the Beartooth picture bomb do the talking. Pure badassness and every turn I would stop for more pics.

Now for the very long haul to Great Falls; nothing much to report except a near collision with a deer for the pirate riding a few hundred yards in front of me. So close even billy bad ass had to pull over to catch his breath. Ok now I am the deer hunter watching ever so close to the edges of the woods. Some pretty scenery along the way, love Montana.

Stop in White Sulfur Springs after this handy restaurant reminds me to Eat, big day there as the parking lot fills up.

I get into Great Falls late so have to grab a hotel want to be in town to get a new tire in the morning. Grab a 24 Oz big beer can (my friends call these Horse Coc$s) at the store down the road. I guess quads are street legal here as they are cruising down main street, kind of weird.

No true mile total for the day but I assume a lot, my gps ran tracks together for some reason.
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