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Four days of riding and I am quite pleased. The bike now has about 550 miles and is starting to loosen up. Fresh fuel seems to have made a difference as she felt stuffy and lethargic for the first day or so while I ran out the old gas. Once filled anew, she seemed a bit more responsive and willing to spin up. Maybe that is a combination of factors, as I spent most of yesterday running her up and down through te range and trying to loosen her internals a bit.

My impressions follow standard Capo fare: the fork is squishy as promised but I can live with that as she tracks well and heels easily enough. I expect a slight vagueness in front end feel may be why many of you stiffen them up? I have no plans for dirt so this can wait. Brakes are good, competent, but not great feeling, again perhaps to the soft front end creating a good bit of dive? I think that perhaps mutes the feel of what otherwise are decent binders.

Otherwise, she exceeds expectations on road. Plenty of power for me, very nice cruising at 80-90. Where my GS would have been starting to run out of steam, the Caponord is still delivering plenty and the power builds nicely as revs rise. It's smooth at elevated highway speeds as well, and for me, wind protection and smooth air flow seem to require no change at all. Maybe this is much about my height and posture, but for me (and in pleasant weather) it offers all the protection and smoothness I require. I ride with earplugs (always) so I am less sensitive to wind and road noise than those who don't.

Over all comfort is quite high, bar, seat and peg position works well for me, though I could see working on the seat. Positioning for me is good, but I start to squirm after a couple of hours. Gearbox is excellent; no missed shifts and smooth, easy operation, clutch is light and positive, no chatter and a consistent friction point. She gets a bit warm in traffic but once rolling that is not an issue. Steering is neutral feeling fr such a big bike, and as I gain confidence low speed maneuvers have become less challenging.

She hasn't burned any visible oil, always a nice thing.

I can see why the mob here holds onto them, and I am happy to have found her. I intend to do all the prophylactic stuff and then enjoy the ride.
Thanks to all for the good wishes here and via PMs.
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