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Back to work! Nothing but some pictures today, but I am hoping I can get a bunch of work knocked out over the long weekend.

I was briefly considering just putting it back together, getting it running, and not painting the frame, but I got to looking closer, and some of the motor mounts down under the battery tray are rusted pretty bad. I am not sure if I want to leave it like that all winter, and I don't want to drop the engine twice....

So I still think I'll drop the engine once, paint the frame, polish the engine, and then leave the rest of it ratty until I make sure the motor is ok.

I'll either have to chop the sidecar frame and put heim joints on it, or chop the subframe and put balls on it. Since I already have some balls off a CJ750, I'll probably do the latter, as much as I hate the idea of cutting on that fine piece of DMC kit.

The front subframe goes on the motor mounts, like so (this is just the lower mount; the upper eyebolt clamps 'round the downtube with an improved DMC version of the frame-crusher):

That one fits pretty good.

However, the crappy rusted out aftermarket exhaust is smack dab in the way of the rear subframe. It goes between the shock and centerstand mounts.

Here's the rear subframe where you can see it a little better.

So, I think I am going to have to make some kind of left-side exhaust. Seems to me that most aftermarket 4-1 exhausts for these things hang on the right, but I think if I could get an old ratty one on the cheap, I could cut it past the 4-joint, rotate it whole ass-end 180 degrees, and weld it back together, and maybe relocate a bracket somewhere. Voila, a left-side exhaust.

Anyone have a ratty old 900C 4-1 that isn't /too/ rusted out that they want to sell me on the cheap? :P
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