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Originally Posted by Gros Buck View Post
Time to start a new thread Aaron ...

Where do you intend to install the air temp sensor ??? Also, This will impact your capacity to cross rivers, no ?

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The intake runner is going to be tubular Alum and I'll weld a flange to it for the sensor. I also plan to make a wall to protect the filter and suck air from around the seat pan, which should also keep water from sloshing in. Like a baffle I guess. The filter won't be any lower than an EXC, so not worried about it. Anyway, my 390 berg is my nasty trail riding machine and it has a very high filter.

I own and I thought I might start a Blog about the build and the prep for Mexico. My shakedown ride is a 3 hour endurance ice race in Wisconsin in January. I plan on running the ironman class and riding without stopping All the guys racing are usually on Motorcross or woods bikes with a tiny fuel tanks, the 690 will have 7 gallons Most of the riders are dirt trackers and very, very fast, so I need all the advantages I can get!

With luck I might even be close to 70 hp, which is great when you're swinging a 50# ice tire around.
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