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Out of Tahoe and into Hell! The ride to Winnemucca was uneventful except for insane winds, a dark night and of course Randy got sperated from us. That happens when you travel 35 mph over I guess. We actually stopped for gas in Lovelock and as we are leaving, who show up but Randy. A mystery how he found us. Our motel in Winnemucca, The Townhouse Motel was very clean and quiet. Perfect place to stop for the night. Score one for the Hillbillys.

From Winnemucca (No Starbucks there. Can it really be part of America?) it was on to Twin Falls Idaho. I didn't think the scenery could get any uglier than Reno to Winnemucca.....I was wrong. Please, someone plant a tree out here. We happened onto a semi truck wreck. Check out the molten aluminum I am holding. Hope everyone got out OK.

"Worldwide" (center) looking smug in the fact that even this forsaken hell hole is under his worldwide umbrella. Hey Worldwide, how the airconditioning feel in the Raptor truck? It is ridiculously hot on the bikes, but Worldwide looks like he just came out of a meat locker.

Now what could be worse than 100 degrees, no scenery, no trees and wearing bike gear? I'll show ya!

Finally, civilization! Well kinda, Twin Falls. Great hotel even had a place specifically for cleaning bikes. I know cleaning bike is frowned upon on this forum, but we had to keep a bit of dignity when riding with the Kadashian Boys.

Me washing my RT. Sorry ladies for showing so much leg, but I am taken.

The "Wizard" cleaning up his beautiful Victory Cross Country.

Next, Jackson Hole, The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.
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