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Day 3 Monday, August 13, 2012

We stayed Sunday night in Sudbury. Monday morning we went to The Big Nickel. I had never heard of The Big Nickel. But there are lots of things I have never heard of and this turned out to be a very well known landmark. It is a 30 foot high replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel (although it is made out of stainless steel). There is a lot of nickel mining done around Sudbury which is part of the tie-in why there is a big nickel here.

I read up on it on Wikipedia and it has a very interesting story. Ted Szilva suggested The Big Nickel be built as a tourist attraction and the city turned the idea down. So Szilva bought and leased land for it, raised money to have it built and when the city refused to give him a permit to build it he built it 3 feet outside the Sudbury city limits so a building permit was not required. Eventually the city did buy it and an underground mine and exhibit was also built.

I did take a number of pictures of The Big Nickel but this one with Don is the only one that wasn’t blurry.

From Sudbury we took the Trans-Canada highway (which in this section is also Provincial Highway 17) to the north side of Manitoulin Island. On the way we went though the city of Espanola. I have started trying to learn Spanish, with very limited success, in hopes of a ride through Mexico and Central America in the future. So I was excided to see the Espanola welcome sign with what I first thought was welcome in Spanish (bienvenida). I was very disappointed when I realized it said welcome in French (bienvenue), not Spanish. French on a sign welcoming you to Espanola, really?

The Trans-Canada highway from Sudbury to Manitoulin is a nice road. It gets very scenic from Espanola to Manitoulin Island.

He are a couple of photos of Don on the highway.

I already forgot the name of this waterfall. But it was on a little side road off the Trans-Canada highway.
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