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Originally Posted by Red Dust View Post
Agree with that it probably feels better to take the cheaper bike in my case a AUD$6K bike in rough terrain instead of a AUD$20K bike. I make my comparison with the older DL vs ST and so far it is a 50-50 chance that I`m swapping.
Do not favor: more than double insurance premium, higher fuel cost, many thousands more in purchase cost plus the ST is really beautiful at least compared to the DL so take it on bad tracks with the potential to scratch the bike or even worse but it is mainly in the beginning you are really careful.
The plus sides would be: shaft drive, comfier, better for the rough stuff and the looks....
Will test ride with ms (she said ok to purchase but she is not the one that has to pay for it all) tomorrow.
Do not understand why the bikes are still quite expensive when our AUD$ is very strong?
Why do we still have to pay rego for every single bike since I can only ride one at a time, same goes for part of the insurance.
Anyway motorbikes is a big part of life and is almost priceless.
The DL is still a great value bike, in either size, as with the DR650. I almost did the DR650 swap because I wanted something that felt more at home off road.

The funny thing is the DL was not such a great value bike at first, but they held the price at that point for so long that it got better every year. Putting no development into the bike for 8-10 years also helps and minimal development every 8 will help a bit more.

Can't ague the value for money case. Unfortunately if you want "better" or different there is not so much value in the big boys at the moment, except the Versys 1000, if you want to play in the "jacked up street bike" segment that seems like pretty good value as well.

But in my case the S10 did so much pretty well and was so close to what I was after that I knew it would be a long term proposition. It was better value on Oz than others so that was not a problem.

As it ages and gets beaten up I am sure I will push it further, but I know now that I am less likely to dump the thing that I was on the Strom.

Each to their own. A beaten up old DR650 was looking pretty good to me as well for a while there. I almost had two bikes but managed to avoid it.

As far as the insurance Companies go, I noticed that QBE? was asking me about mileage and Shannons do a similar thing. I am sure that it doesn't add up to the same price as one bike doing the same Km though.
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