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Originally Posted by bobzilla View Post
make sure you do something to keep the filter from pulling the air from down low. the maintenance interval on the pod when I had the airbox fuel cell is what made me go back to the stock airbox....not that I like it and after geting the safari tank i built a tool box in the airbox place but the danm filter was clogged after 4 hours in the dez and i was too unskilled / lazy to make a baffle around the pod. with you moving it up and to the rear you should be in much better shape than i was.

you going to sell a kit for the loom?

you seem to have the same problem i do......hate the bike/love the bike
I really love the chassis and the motor but the harness is shit and I'm not going to chase random broken wire problems in the middle of nowhere. My 390 berg is rock solid, never a burp or a glitch and I think it's because of the simplicity of the harness and EFI system. The reality is that I love riding in the desert but I like to ride at a good pace. I'm not talented enough to ride the SE like that but a small bike like a 530 is way too small for me, the 690 is a good compromise. I hate giving up, must be all that time in the Military

Forgot to answer your question about buying a loom. I won't be selling them but Matt at DSG Is the one making the harness and building the FI maps for the Micro squirt. He could very easily make a few more if you want to go with the Microsquirt system. Let me get mine done and tuned and we can go from there though. We'll be spending some time on the dyno to get it right and then I'll do some trail banging, road riding and some fast rally roads to dial it in before I would consider sharing the maps.
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