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We finally arrive in Jackson and get checked in at the Lodge at Jackson Hole. Definately on the Kardashian side of the family.

Uh, does anyone see a Rune in that last picture? Guess who is missing? About a half hour after arriving, my Brother's cell phone starts ringing. He is in the shower, so I pick it up. It is his secretary asking if we were OK. Sure, why do you ask? Well because Randy is worried about you. Well we are fine (all 9 of us) and at the hotel but have no idea where Randy is. Oh she says, he is down at the Quikie Mart and doesn't have his cell and doesn't know what hotel to go to. She gives me the phone number to the Quikie Mart and I make the call. Is Randy there? Sure hang on. Just like he worked there or something. Crazy!

We go out to dinner at The Gun Barrell and "The Godfather" decides that we will take off in the morning for Old Faithful. Many of the guys had not been to Yellowstone so he wanted to get that piece done.

Yes, Straightline and the Triumph made it.

I bet the Movie Boys wish they could pack a theatre like this every 75 minutes.

Yeah it still works.

The crew.

Some things are better left unasked as they are unexplainable. Guess who? Again!

My Brother mark "The Godfather" and me.

Hot water.

Not all Park Rangers are created equal. This one didn't write Randy up. More on that later.

Straightline baby!

Look out says that Bison!

Who else......? Note cell phone in back pocket. He can learn!

Me watching what I thought was going to be Randy's last few moments on Earth. You can see I am ready to jump right in and help him. Hell, I was in gear and ready to release the clutch and get out of there.

We went out through West Yellowstone and South towards Idaho Falls and back over the summit to Jackson. A 10 hour day. Guess who got seperated and missed dinner at The Mangy Moose?

Tomorrow, the Jackson area.

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