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Today we decided to stay in the Jackson area as we leave tomorrow for home.

Chickago John.

I didn't take this one and I wasn't there, so I figure my Brother was missing me and decided to take a picture of a horse's ass to remind him of me. I am good with that.

Can you spot the Honda Trail 90 in this photo? Oh, never mind, that's the Triumph.

Again, better left unasked. Jeff "The Wizard".

Seperated at birth.

These two have nothing in common other than the one on the left has a Brother as smart as the one on the right. E=MC2.

Sleepy is awake!

Easy ladies !!!!!

Remember how I never thought that ovulation would ever be brought up at a meal conversation even once. Well it happened again and again not even a hiccup from the waitress. I am baffled, but Randy has some kind of charm that the ladies like.

What is this man doing?

UH OH! That looks like a Federal offense! Much to the chagrin of the general public watching from the bridge, someone in our party needed to get a close up of this moose. Guess who? Someone turned him into the Park Ranger. As we were getting on our bikes to leave, the Ranger walks up to Randy and says that someone got too close to a moose. Randy was kind of busted with his shoes dripping water and the Ranger saying she saw someones digital photo of the "incedent". She ran his lisence and let him off with a warning. 25 yards from a moose or other wildlife is the law. $125.00 fine and a second offense is a ban for life. You should have seen Randy when a squirell got to close after that. He was kinda famous when he got back to the hotel. Quite a few guests recognized him. Great.

A better behaved citizen.

The evidence!

Again, try to ignore whatever Randy is doing in this photo and enjoy the scenery. He is hitting his wet socks on the pavement to dry the out.

Sleepy Steve at Jenny Lake.

Me and Mark at Jenny Lake.

Free tickets to the Jenny Lake gun show. Pitiful.

Jeff at Jenny Lake.

Heading home tomorrow. Thanks for riding along with us!
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