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Originally Posted by onto1wheel View Post
heya Ateam, just noticed this post
in my monthly lurk around here.
I bought that exact same model brand new in 1997 from cosmo
motors. $700 delivered I think it was.
It still hangs in my garage. Too bad it collected way more dust than
I was wondering what year it was. I remember Cosmo. I bought a
Ot Pi replica brand new from Gary Jackson who got it from
Billy Trainer who imported a few over (Irish dude). I bought it in
1987 for $600. Strait forks and came with vee's. Of course I still
have it and it has been ridden by many.

Here is another old school Monty I put together and sold it to Lineaway

Bought this when i got back into bike trials almost 4 years ago. Still
have it but lives in Kentucky. Planet X Zebdi, no longer made from Australia.

Bought this for my nephews wife and just because it is a cool ass Monty.

There are a few more Monty's, but not on my hosting web site.
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