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Day Eight: Some Serious Dirt

Despite crashing around 3am we managed to get an early enough start on the day and headed up 20 to Sisters to jump back on the dirt.

Snow capped dormant volcanoes in the distance gave us plenty to look at while we woke up a bit and cleared our heads from the night before.

After a little route confusion in Sisters, we got back on track and found the trail.

Well maintained, the road cut through a forest that must have burned a few years back. This was the start of massive burned areas that would become the bulk of the scenery for a while.

The road got pretty rough after a little while, deep soft sand replacing the nice crushed pumice roadbed. Shawn didn't seem to have much trouble but Bernie and I had to stay on top of things to keep the front from washing out.

Some areas were burned worse than others, but gave us nice views of the mountains at every turn.

Eventually the road turned into a quad / dirtbike trail. At one point the actual route was closed so a bit of a long, rough detour brought us out to the road a bit off course. The riding would have been a blast on a dirt bike but on the big dualsport I had to focus on keeping the front wheel lined up with the rear, and the poor suspension damping really started to piss me off.

We emerged onto a small highway and kept moving.

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