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Originally Posted by bess227 View Post
looking for some input from some of you KLR gurus.

my new to me 99 and i have about 1k miles together had 3k on it when i bought it. it was basement kept, really a garage queen, had been put back on the road after a long sit by a knowledgable mc guy.

bike seems to idle a little rough, and i am getting about 48 mpg basically on a 25 mile round trip commute daily and another 150 or so additional miles each week. there have been no mods to the engine that the PO knew of. he had put it back on the road after a buddy of his died.

is this mpg about right for a 99? I am going to change the plug, as the PO said he had not (and soon do the doo).

is there anything i need to look for, or do, that will help it idle more smoothly? or help the mpg? it runs well under load at low speeds (as long as the rpms are up around 3k) and does well at 4k rpms at about 60mph indicated.

thanks for the help.

A friend had a 07 KLR that average high 40s while my 09 averaged in low to mid 50s until the front sproket was replaced to a 14 tooth. Now I average 48-50 mpg. The newer KLRs are jetted leaner and probably get better mpg due to that reason. Try some Seafoam gas treatment and keep riding. How are the tires? Do the wheels turn freely? Condition of the chain? Any drag from the brakes?

48mpg for a 99 might be a good mpg.

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