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All are built under the same type certificate up to the 427.
Therein lies the problem. The LR looks like the JR. The 407 looks like the LR. The 427 looks like a 407 on steroids. All share the same terrible setup of 2 compartments, poor visibility (to the front) for the back compartment seats, no crashworthy seats, no leg room (for the LR and 407) and skinny seats. Bell gave the scenic flight niche to EC, R44/66, IMHO.


I don't think "looks" have that much bearing on Bell's bottom line. And I seriously doubt Robinson has made much of an impact on Bell's market share
I agree. The Bells look great. Sitting inside is the difference. EC has more modern layout, all facing forward, one compartment, etc. I beg to differ on the Robinson comment. R66 was designed solely to win against the 206B. I know of at least 8 operators who have replaced their JR's either for tourist flights or corporate work with R44's/R66's.

BTW I think Robinsons are ugly beasts. Don't want this to be a 'pick on Bell' discussion - I like both brands ; it's just that Bell had the whole market to themselves at one stage and they squandered it all.
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