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well, the motor is in and bolted down, forks on, wheels on, carb installed(although I need to figure out a filter/airbox)

I need to finish up a few things(tomorrow) but the bike is almost done!

left to do are:
new, longer primary chain.
install handlebars/new controls(clutch lever, throttle, etc...)
hook up brakes
install new trimmed up wiring harness

then it is time to fire it up and take a test ride!

it still needs longer shocks for the rear end, as the fork is raked way out, and the ground clearance is low, but that will happen a little later, and wont keep me from riding it a bit.

I took some pics of the motor mounts and the way the bike sits, but need to upload them.
when I do(later tonight) I will post the awesomeness!

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